Hovik Kochinian

About the artist

Kochinian Hovik was born in the Lori region of Armenia in 1953. In his youth, he exhibited great interest in the fine arts. He started attending art school at age 7. In 1972 Hovik graduated from the State University of Armenia. During his student years, he participated in several state and nationwide exhibitions; he also had several solo art shows. In 1980, Hovik became an active member of the Artists Union in the USSR, and that gave him the opportunity to work in different cities throughout the Soviet Union.

In 1981 the artists Union selected Hovik as a young creative artist to work in Varadero, Cuba. From 1980-1990 Hovik toured both in solo and group shows. His works were purchased by various fine art museums, such as the Pushkin Museum in Moscow and the State Museum of America in Yerevan.

Hovik’s works are also part of various private collections in the USA, Austria, England, and France.


In 1990 Hovik was invited to the United States by the AGBU and had a successful art show. Other endeavors have included donating his time to charity events such as Innervision 91 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles California.

For his contribution to the world of art, he was awarded the “Star Sapphire Halo“ by the Southern California Motion Picture council.

In the USA he began a new creative path, which led him to different art events and art expos. He has had the opportunity to participate in several art shows in galleries in Laguna Beach, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Palm Desert, California.

Since 1995 Hovik has worked and displayed in his own gallery, Hovik’s Fine Arts, located in Hollywood, California. He has organized many art exhibitions for upcoming as well as established artists and has also organized many other community-based functions that support cultural and humanitarian events.
In 1988, when the art world was celebrating the anniversary of the well-known New York Art Expo, Hovik’s Fine Arts also had a brilliant exposition, presenting a collection of the art works from various areas of the world.

“Infinity Love”

Oil canvas or limited edition on canvas.

30 x 40”

“Hermus “

Limited edition on canvas

32 x 40”

Limited edition on canvas.

40 x 40”

Limited edition on canvas

40 x 40”